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Irish Fest is here! A rollicking good time will be had by all, sure an’ begorra! There is so much to do and to see; here are a few hidden treasures to add to your list:

The Omagh Community Youth Choir is a group of about 30 teenagers from Northern Ireland, formed in commemoration of the Omagh Bomb atrocity in 1998. Their motto is ‘Playing for Change – Connecting the World Through Music’. This they do, indeed, with an upbeat, joyous, four-part harmony approach to the songs they perform. Look for this talented group on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Tipperary Stage.

Then, there are the Celtic Canines! Little to big, scruffy to smooth (wouldn’t we all kill for a head of hair like an Irish Setter! WOOF!), well-trained to not-so-trainable, they are a delight. Caution! When petting one of the huge wolfhounds – and they LOVE LOVE LOVE to be petted – mind your feet. An unexpected step-on by one of those paws, can make you walk like a drunken Irishman for quite some time! Find them every day, along the lakefront.

Don’t forget the Theater Tent. Works by classic and cutting edge Irish playwrights are performed daily. Did you know that Milwaukee has its own Irish Arts theater group? We do, and they are a skilled bunch. Have a little sit-down and see a play. Find them in the Cultural Village Area.

Newsflash! Our office manager, Riva, is an Irish dance teacher! She teaches for the Beglan Academy of Irish Dance and her students will be performing Friday at the Miller Stage and Sunday at the Tipperary Stage. Click up your heels (or pretend you did) and get in the spirit.

And…if a Leprechaun approaches you and says, ‘follow me to a pot of gold!’…GO FOR IT…anything can happen at Irish Fest!


Pictured is the Under 10 Mixed Ceili team at the Regional Competition in which they placed 3rd in the Midwest region in fall of 2014. Beglan Academy of Irish Dance’s proud teachers are Callie Spaltholz (left), Sean Beglan (center with heir to the Beglan Academy school, Linus Beglan), and Riva Treasure (right).

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  • Mary C. Tarr

    I enjoyed both of Melba’s blogs! She has such a way with words. The gift of blarney! I look forward to reading more. Thanks Melba!

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