Active Shooting Event Hosted by Burke Properties

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*In light of the last couple month’s events, we would like to express our condolences to all concerned.*

Active Shooting. I think we can all agree those two words are uncomfortable for anyone to hear. But sadly, it has become a regular occurrence, even happening several times in the Milwaukee area.

Recently we hosted an Active Shooting Event at the Hotel Metro where we and many of our colleagues, friends and associates met with a member of the Milwaukee Police Department to learn more about active shooter events. We were honored to have Mitchell Ross from the Milwaukee Police Department come speak at the event. Mitch works for the Intelligence Fusion Center and  has previously been assigned to the AGU (Anti Gang Unit Squads) and also worked in the Department’s Sensitive Crimes Division, which handles crimes against children and elderly, to include sexual assault and physical abuse.

During the presentation, we were able to see video clips and hear audio of how active shooting situations were handled and what to do if ever faced with this type of unfortunate situation. We discussed the mantra, ‘run, hide, fight’, and how to use this if confronted with an active shooter. He highly recommends anyone and everyone view the You Tube video, which you can see here. We also went over procedures and approaches for us, should we be faced with this type of situation.

We learned so much!  We will never again enter a movie theater, mall, restaurant, without checking for exits or suspicious activity, and will make to sure to speak up when things just do not ‘seem right’.





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